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The real Title Town USA

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

There has always been debate between proud American Sports-Towns.  Debate about which city that houses one of our beloved sports franchise is the best sports city in America.  Numerous cities lay claim to being “Titletown

U.S.A.” or the town that is best known for exemplifying the singular ideal behind American sport: WINNING. In this article I will lay down my personal beliefs and love of my own home city and examine the evidence supporting these towns’ claims to being Titletown. I caution you, some of you may get your feelings hurt.

First, let’s remove some obvious pretenders. Detroit is gone, other than the Red Wings the only thing consistent in Motor

City is the crime rate.

Dallas? Nah, sure they’ve won 5 Super Bowls, and the Mavs have won a couple NBA titles I think too but they don’t have the history.  Anyone who seriously wants to say

Green Bay is crazy.  Besides the Packers, who have won precisely 1 championship since 1968, what other sports related things go on in that town?  Maybe the little league team took the county championship once or twice, who knows? 

Baltimore? Nope. 

Miami? Not a chance. Ooh

San Francisco? Not really, but a better shot than some of these others.  Let’s get down to the Cities with a legitimate shot at this thing. 

The way I see it, this should be like a short tournament.  I’ll seed 4 cities and then weigh their merits against each other to determine scientifically who moves on. What cities will be in the final four? I’ll tell you. Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Now, before you get up in arms about my choices, allow me to explain my reasoning to you. 

Boston has won the most championships lately, and almost had a three-peat in the major sports over the last year. (The Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl) 

New York’s Yankees have won by far the most championships of any team in any major sport (26). One of their Football teams won the Super Bowl this year and their hockey and basketball teams haven’t been bad in the past either. 

Los Angeles has had good basketball teams pretty consistently for the last 30 years and they own the second most NBA titles. I’m using the Raiders as their football team, and they’ve won a few Super Bowls. 

Chicago might seem like the odd-man-out here but it won 6 NBA titles in the 1990’s a Super Bowl in ’85 and a World Series in 2005. Plus people love to go watch baseball there. There, now you should see it my way. 

(1)    New York - Hard to ignore the most championship victories in all major sports.

(2)    Boston - No longer the lovable losers, winning championships is a routine thing in Beantown now.

(3)    Chicago - 8 sports championships since 1985. And a good baseball and football teams recently make them a contender.

(4)    Los Angeles - Seemingly outgunned, the only thing they really have going for them is Basketball, and Boston has them beat in that.  Maybe their potential can lift them over the top.

So let’s break this down in a bracket style:

(1)    New York  VS. (4) Los Angeles -  L.A. has actually won more Titles than New York since 2000.  But before that things were way different.

New York has won at least one championship in every major sport since 1980.  The only thing

L.A. has over N.Y. is Basketball, and that’s not even close to enough to swing the upset.  Maybe next time L.A. but for now, it’s still

New York’s show.

(2)    Boston  VS. (3) Chicago - I’d say Chicago needs a better body of work to support their bid here. 

Boston has 3 Super Bowls, 2 World Series and an NBA championship all since 2001. 

Chicago has a World Series victory since then.  That’s 6-1 over the last 8 years in favor of

Boston.  Chicago won a lot of NBA titles with

Jordan in the 90’s and a Super Bowl in ’85.  But that’s ancient history in sports terms.  Winner:


And now what you’ve all been waiting for.  You knew it would come down to this, as it does frequently in the sporting world.  The biggest Sports-City rivalry of all time!

(1)    New York VS. (2) Boston- Da Da Da DUMMMMMM. Lots of memories here, the 2004 ALCS when Boston came back from 3-0 to beat the Yankees and go on to win their first W.S. in 86 years.  Super Bowl XLII when the heavy underdog Giants stopped the Undefeated Patriots in their tracks.  This is Tom Brady vs. Lawrence Taylor, Ted Williams vs. Babe Ruth, Larry Byrd Vs. Patrick Ewing.  Legendary players played in these cities, men that transcended their games.  You couldn’t fit all those trophies in a two car garage.  We are going to have to break this one down.

  • World Series since 1900:  New York hands-down.  The Yankees have 26 The Red Sox a mere 6.  But the Sox have won 2 of the past 4 and the Yanks haven’t won it since 2000. Edge- New York

  • Super Bowls: The Giants and Patriots are tied at 3 apiece.  The Giants Defeated the Patriots in the head to head matchup in Super Bowl XLII.  But the Pats won 3 of 4 from 2001-04.  The Patriots also have more conference championships to their credit.  Edge-Even

  • NBA Finals:  Boston wins this one easy.  The Celtics have won 17 NBA championships.  Including the most recent 2008 Finals.  The Knicks have won 2.  Edge-Boston

  • Stanley Cups Since 1927: The New York Rangers won it first in 1927.  Followed the Next year By the Boston Bruins.  Overall the Rangers have won 4 and the Bruins have won 5.  Slight Edge- Boston

In the interest of fairness, I took away three teams from New York, all the less-winning franchises.  The bastard children, if you will.  The Jets, Islanders and Mets were all left off this list to level the playing field.  By the tally, it appears to be 2-1-1 Boston.  But it’s hard to overlook 26 championships in a single sport.  The Yankees are doing their part in keeping N.Y. Titletown hopes alive.  Then again, the Celtics championships greatly outnumber the Knicks.  So that kind of nullifies the Yankees efforts.  This is a close one; let’s look at recent history for the clincher.  Since 2000,

Boston sports teams have won a total of 6 championships.  3 Super Bowls, 2 World Series and an NBA Finals win. 

New York teams have won 2.  A World Series and a Super Bowl.  The edge in recent history is

Boston.  With all this data in mind, it is my honor to present

Boston, Massachusetts as TitleTown U.S.A.  Sorry N.Y.,

L.A. and Chicago, but they deserve it the most.

Online Sports Magazine Subscriptions now available through Sports Shop

Monday, May 5th, 2008

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Sports Credit Cards now available

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Sports Shop continues to expand and after offering NFL credit cards throughout the fall, has recently introduced MLB & NASCAR credit cards as well. Now fans can apply online for a credit card with the logo of their favorite Major League Baseball or National Football League team or their favorite NASCAR driver. Whether you are out on the town at the supermarket or buying tickets to your favorite sporting event, a NFL, NASCAR or MLB credit card can help you show your true colors for all to see. Apply online for a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. credit card, Boston Red Sox credit card, Dallas Cowboys credit card or another and start earning rewards right away.

Dancing With the Stars 2008 announced

Friday, February 29th, 2008

The cast of Dancing With the Stars 2008 has been announced, and as always, the sports world is well-represented. The 2008 Stars on the popular ABC show will include figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, and Olympic gold medal winner, professional tennis player Monica Seles and Miami Dolphins All-Pro defensive end Jason Taylor.

The latest version of DWTS will begin Monday, March 17th @ 8 pm ET on ABC.

Product Review: Oakley Sunglasses

Monday, January 21st, 2008

In college, I had no money, but I loved my Oakley sunglasses. My world today is different. Today, I have a little money, but until recently, I did not own a pair of Oakleys. For the past few years I have been buying cheap sunglasses. You know the “buy one pair for $10 or two pair for $15″ deals in the mall that have labels like “compare to styles from Ray-Ban” or “compare to styles from Oakley.” Heck, I have even tried out a couple of pair of fake Oakley sunglasses purchased on the streets of New York City. Needless to say, I have owned a few different pair of sunglasses in my life.

For quite some time I could tell that the cheap sunglasses I had been wearing were not quality. My wife was nice enough to buy me a new pair this summer after another $10 pair broke, and while I liked the thin, wire-framed look, the lenses were off. There was a distortion in one lens that caused me to have to hold my head at an angle to see straight; they were a waste of our time and money.

After pondering the whle “should I spend $100 for a pair of sunglasses” issue I finally made the decision to do it. I broke down and spent the money on a new pair of Oakley sunglasses, specifically the Straight Jacket. Not only do my black Straight Jackets have a stylish look, but there’s something about the quality of how well I can see with these lenses that has reminded me of the quality that Oakley provides. The nice thing about this company is that they no longer limit themselves to sunglasses, and even with eyewear they are innovative leaders. From mp3 player sunglasses, boots & watches to Oakley women’s sunglasses & clothing, the quality you can expect from a name like Oakley carries into all of their fine products.

Castroneves wins Dancing With the Stars

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Helio Castroneves was crowned champion of Dancing With the Stars 2007 last night as the Indy Car racing champion added the coveted mirror-ball trophy to his case. Dancing with Julianne Hough, who won the 2006 DWTS championship with speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno, was Helio’s partner throughout the competition which also featured boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Helio’s smile and personality were huge factors in his win, but his quick mastery of the difficult dancing steps and styles helped him edg Spice Girl Mel B for the championship.

The Designated Hitter

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Well, it’s World Series time again, which means it’s one of the two times every year when people start to debate the merits of the designated hitter in baseball. The first time is during interleague play in the regular season, but when the World Series rolls around is when people really get into it. See, some people believe that having a DH provides a major advantage to the American League team. Still, others say that the DH is, in fact, a disadvantage to the American League team because when they play in the National League park, one of their major cogs will be unable to play and the pitchers will be forced to bat, which they haven’t done much of all year.

There are people who say the DH is bad for the game and should be done away with completely. There is also a segment of the baseball-supporting population which believes that the National League should adopt the DH to level the playing field - and who really wants to see pitchers hitting anyway? Traditionalists will say that the very idea of introducing the DH into the National League is blasphemous to the sacred game of baseball. You know what I have to say? Who cares.

The arguments about the designated hitter are WAY overblown. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if either, both, or neither league uses it. The idea that the DH (or lack thereof) provides some major advantage (or disadvantage) to either league is ridiculous. The AL has dominated the NL in recent years in both the World Series and the All-Star Game. Is it because it’s a league full of designated hitters? NO! It’s because there are, in general, better players, managers, teams and markets in the American League. It has nothing to do with the DH. Nothing needs to be done with the DH, but if something IS done, nobody should care because it is insignificant. The problem is that the ESPNs of the world have stereotyped the AL as being a league of Lou Gehrigs who pitch like Jose Lima, and the NL as being a bunch of Christy Mathewsons who hit like Rafael Belliard. The reality is that the AL has both better hitting AND better pitching. The AL has the Yankees and Red Sox. The NL has a lot of teams with great tradition, but very poor records over the past decade or two, like the Pirates, Reds, Phillies and Cubs (past century or two in their case). I can’t explain this, but I know it’s not the DH’s fault. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there’s no salary cap. Maybe it’s because the national media has an AL bias and pays off the umpires to call every interleague game in their favor. Maybe it’s because the AL found out about steroids first and decided to keep them to themselves and not tell the NL. Whatever it is, it’s not the DH.

Cuban sent packing

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

A week after we lost Floyd Mayweather, Jr. from the 2007 Dancing With the Stars, we have lost yet another sports personality. Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was sent packing tonight leaving just Helio Castrovenes to blog about here at Sports Shop.Подаръци

Generic New York-centric Headline

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

I never really bought in to the whole East Coast bias thing. But then again, I never really thought about it because I don’t pay nearly as much attention to media coverage of teams that are not my own as I would for coverage of one of my favorite teams. But, being a die-hard Cleveland Indians fan, I have been forced to endure the American League Division Series against the New York Yankees, and all of the media fixings that comes with it. And to be frank, I’m disgusted.

For the past week, I have been eating Yankee media coverage for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all snacks in-between, and I am sick of it. I even had to purge myself several times to keep from ending up like the glutton in the movie “Seven” - lying dead in a pool of my own excrement. I always knew that New York got more media coverage than other cities as far as its sports teams go, and I am fine with that. But it has gotten WAY out of hand. Even the announcers calling the game on TBS (Chip Caray, Tony Gwynn and Bob Brenly) who would seem to have no New York connection whatsoever, were overdoing it. It was almost as though they were openly rooting for New York to win the series. Caray is traditionally a National League broadcaster, and Gwynn and Brenly were both career National Leaguers, plus Brenly spent several seasons managing the Arizona Diamondbacks - AND HE’S FROM OHIO! But all three of them may as well have been native New Yorkers the way they were calling the game. Most New York natives will probably disagree with this sentiment because they’re so used to the New York-centricity, if I may coin a phrase, of the national media, that they just don’t see it.

In the hours after the Indians’ series-clinching victory in game four, the headlines that popped up on the front pages of most major national sports news-oriented websites included the following: - “Bronx Bummer”; - “Goodbye Bronx?”; - “Bronx Bummer”; - “Bronx Booted”; - “The Final Roll Call?”; - “Bronx Keeps Burning”; Yahoo Sports - “The End Game”. These all reference the Yankees in one way or another, and none of them reference the Indians, the team that actually won the series, at all. In addition, all front-page-featured photographs on these sites but one featured either Joe Torre or Yankees players. One picture was of the Indians celebrating after the victory. One. What if New York had won the game? Would there have been a bunch of pictures and headlines about the Indians? Absolutely not. No matter the outcome, the Yankees are the center of attention. Why? Because there is a genuine bias in the media. There cannot be another reason.

It’s not just major headlines and national stories that lead me, and I’m guessing a lot of other non-New Yorkers to think this way. There are many little things that some people probably don’t even notice. For example, ran a poll question the other day, after the Yankees lost game two. It was something like ‘What is most to blame for the Yankees performance thus far in the series?’ and the options included Joe Torre, Alex Rodriguez, relief pitching, starting pitching, lack of hitting and such. There was no mention of the Indians pitching, which had been fantastic, as being a potential reason. If the Indians get a hit, it’s because the Yankees are pitching poorly, not because the Indians are a good hitting team. If the Yankees can’t hit, it’s because their bats are slumping, and not because the Indians have good pitching. And if the Yankees lose the series, it is because Joe Torre is a bad manager, and not because the Indians are a better team.

Why does it have to be like that? I understand New York City is the largest in the country, and that they deserve their fair share of attention, but why is it so overdone? There are 280 million of us in this country that don’t live in the New York area, and we are tired of it.икони

Helio’s top score keeps him safe, Cuban gets good news

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Monday night saw Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough earn the top score with a 27 of 30 as the results show for week #2 of Dancing With the Stars 2007 is here. Helio got his news that he was continuing to the next round early, but Floyd and Mark were left to wait. Midway through the show, Mark & Kym were announced to be safe, much to the surprise of both. Floyd and Karina got their news later in the show, but will live another week and we’ll be there to blog about yet another episode of Dancing With the Stars.