NBA Draft - Part 2

8:01 - If you’re a Sonics fan, you’ve gotta love what Sam Presti is doing, right? They luck out and get the 2 pick, assuring them of one of the top 2 players to come out since the LeBron/Melo/Wade class, and then since Ray Allen is aging and it’ll take Durant a couple of years to really get acclimated to the NBA he flips Allen for a Top 5 pick who can develop with him. I don’t know if I love Jeff Green, but I like what Presti’s doing here. Now if he can get something out of Lewis in a sign-and-trade he’ll really be in business.

8:04 - The Bucks select Yi Jianlian even though his Chinese handlers had made it clear to the Milwaukee brass that they did not want Yi going to Milwaukee. Faaaaaantastic. If the Milwaukee Bucks just inadvertently started World War 3, let’s all remember that Stephen A liked the move. Andy Katz assures us that the Bucks organization plans on keeping Yi. Ric Bucher reports that Yi’s people do not think that Milwaukee fits the parameters of where they want Yi to go, and that this will start trade conversations. Wow, there hasn’t been this much controversy since Steve Francis got selected by Vancouver.

8:09 - Yi talking to Stuart Scott with no translator. I’m not sure who I’m having more trouble understanding.

8:11 - Timberwolves on the clock. Trade Garnett to somebody already! Corey Brewer goes. This seems like a “what the heck let’s keep Garnett and make a run at the playoffs” kind of pick. Somebody stick a fork in McHale already. I’m available if they’re looking…

8:14 - Stu Scott’s talking to Corey Brewer right now, and I’m not interested, seriously, you’re telling me you couldn’t get a decent package from the Bulls, Lakers, Celtics, or Suns for Garnett? How about Odom, Bynum, Farmar, the #19 pick and Kwame Brown (for salary purposes) for Garnett and Troy Hudson? Who doesn’t make this deal? By the way, I checked and it works in the trade machine.

8:19 - The Charlotte Bobcats take Brandan Wright. Can’t say I’m a big fan, but if somebody actually lights a fire under this guy he could be really, really good. Jeez, this guy is thin. Sean May needs to take him to the buffet when he gets to Charlotte… Of course I’m sure making millions of dollars in the NBA will motivate him to turn his motor on, right? Stephen A actually makes a good point… the Bobcats need to spend some money this offseason. Bring in Rashard Lewis… resign Gerald Wallace… do something, please.

8:23 - #9 and it’s time for the Bulls, the smart money would be on Noah or Spencer Hawes right here… depends on what’s going on in the trade market too as there have been talks that the Bulls could trade for Zach Randolph from the Blazers. And there goes Noah, he’s a total Bulls guy, but man are they going to have trouble getting offense from a combination of Noah, Tyrus Thomas, and Ben Wallace on the frontline.

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